Jagannatha Vallabha Vedic Reseach was founded in 1998 for the purpose of researching, preserving and broadcasting the priceless Vedic Knowledge that constitutes the golden heritage of humankind, not only in India – where it has been present for many thousands of years – but at global level.
The founder of this Institute is Mataji Parama Karuna Devi

2 Responses to Info-About

  1. Dear Guru Mataji,
    Jaya Jagannatha! We are professors in Campinas State University from Brazil and we are develloping a project to children and we would like to know about your interest in participate. Here we are sending you the first paragraph of our project. We have interested to bring it in your institution.
    Greetings from Brazil,
    Brundabati Leela (Marilia Baiana):
    “The Wishing Tree” is a group of international workshops aimed at art
    educators in the elementary schools. It’s objectives are to integrate art
    education teachers and students between the ager of 09 to 13 through
    a mixture of corporeal, material, audiovisual and algorithmic forms of
    expression based on ultrasonic movement sensorial digital interface.
    In this way, the characteristics of the setting and the type of
    interaction at each particular location bring to light the particular
    aesthetic, social and systemic peculiarities of each culture involved in
    this process.”

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