Our Publication Department offers you the timeless knowledge and wisdom that is the natural heritage of all human beings.
We are producing texts about Vedic knowledge and Dharma – a lifestyle that is in harmony with the eternal universal laws. These are simple and useful books that will practically help you and your friends to better apply the sublime philosophy of spiritual life into practice.

Besides the classical ancient texts of Vedic tradition, we produce children’s books, pure vegetarian cookbooks, natural medicine manuals, study guides, comparative research studies, and much more.

Puri, the Home of Lord Jagannatha
compiled by Parama Karuna Devi and Rahul Acharya


A comprehensive pilgrimage to Purushottama kshetra, with maps and philosophical introduction.
This is the original first edition, published in 2009: it is rather bulky and packed with information, but we were not able to insert color images and we used very small character fonts to keep the number of pages to a minimum.
At present we are producing a series of books under the same name, breaking down the texts (revised and expanded) in several smaller volumes with slightly larger fonts and plenty of color illustrations.

Prasnottara Ratna Malika
by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya,
translation and commentary by Parama Karuna Devi


Original Devanagari text, transliteration, translation and commentary of the famous text by Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya. First publication, 2006.
The title means “The precious necklace of questions and answers” and clearly indicates that the book is meant to answer the most important questions of life and to progress in spiritual life.

A summary study of the Bhagavata purana in Italian language:


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